Monthly Archives: January 2024

Healthy Relationships Can Make Life Worth Living 

We’re a few months removed from holiday films, something that many of us can’t get enough of. Sure it seems […]
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Even Older Adults Can Experience Eating Disorders: What You Need To Know 

When we think about people with eating disorders, it’s often teens or young women who come to mind. This is […]
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Don’t Overlook Your Vision Health 

It’s a toss-up which part of getting older is the least fun.  Hearing loss is definitely up there. Those aches […]
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Maintaining Physical Fitness Can Increase An Older Adults Independence 

Seniors love living independently. Although there are some wonderful senior living communities that offer great amenities like enjoyable social experiences […]
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Be Your Own Best Valentine With These Heart Healthy Tips 

One of the highlights of the month of February is Valentine’s Day, which has become a celebration of love for […]
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